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International Cooperation

The Department of International Cooperation is charged with the responsibility of promoting Malawi’s economic interests by encouraging and facilitating economic as well as technical cooperation with other countries and international organizations through development diplomacy. Development Diplomacy seeks to put Malawi on an accelerated growth track through an aggressive investment drive,...


Political Affairs

The Department of Political Affairs is primarily responsible for monitoring external political and social developments with a view to advising government on their implication on the international scene. Particular emphasis is placed on how these developments will impact on Malawi’s interests. The Department is headed by the Director...


Legal Affairs

Initially the Section was established with a view to handle matters related to bilateral and multilateral treaties. Over the years, following the critical shortage of lawyers in the Ministry of Justice, the functions of the section have evolved beyond the handling of treaties. The section has, accordingly, has...


Administration Department

The Department of Administration and Finance facilitates the activities of the other department of the Ministry as they Endeavour to fulfill the Ministry’s mission and plans. In facilitating the activities of the other departments, the Department of Administration and Finance ensures that necessary goods and services are provided to...



The protocol Department has the responsibility of handling State and Government functions and matters relating to such functions. In this connection, it advises the Government at all levels on protocol matters in general.. it also administers the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other Optional Protocols and the Vienna...



Malawi Relations Briefs

Malawi Embassy to Belgium

Malawi Embassy to Brazil

Malawi Embassy to China

Malawi Embassy to Egypt

Malawi Embassy to Ethiopia

Malawi Embassy to Germany

Malawi High Commission to India

Malawi Embassy to Japan

Malawi High Commission to Kenya

Malawi Embassy to Kuwait

Malawi High Commission to Mozambique

Malawi High Commission to South Africa

Malawi High Commission to Tanzania

Malawi High Commission to United Kingdom

Malawi Permanent Mission to United Nations

Malawi Embassy to United States of America

Malawi High Commission to Zambia

Malawi Embassy to Zimbabwe


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