Core Values/Guiding Principles

In pursuing its Mission, the Department will abide by a number of Core Values also known as Guiding Principles that will shape the behaviour standards of its staff. These are as follows:

  • Professionalism

Discharging duties with a high degree of integrity in keeping with ethical standards.

  • Creativity

Encouraging responsible risk-taking and innovation.

  • Transparency

The strength of the Department is in its employees working in an environment that promotes openness, accountability and continuous learning including the need for consistent and credible policies.

  • Networking

Shared stewardship and responsibility and the importance of working with other stakeholders in order to achieve our Vision

  • Discipline

Discharging duties with utmost trust and integrity

  • Adaptive & Dynamic

Committed to be responsive to changing needs and circumstances in order to provide a better service to the expectations of customers and stakeholders



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