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Department of Protocol

The functions of the Protocol Department are:-

  • Advises Government on matters of diplomatic procedure.
  • Prepares Credentials/Letters of Commission and Letters of Recall for Malawi Heads of Diplomatic Mission;
  • Processes the accreditation to Malawi of foreign Heads of mission and heads of international organizations;
  • Presents Heads of Diplomatic Mission during their commissioning to the State President;
  • Prepares Exequaturs for Foreign Honorary Consuls;
  • Processes Consular Commissions for Malawi Honorary Consuls and Consular Officers;
  • Administers and implements diplomatic privileges and immunities;
  • Coordinates protocol arrangements for the Head of State on the State functions/ceremonies at home and on visits abroad.
  • Coordinates visits of Foreign Heads of state and Government.
  • Sends notifications to Malawi Diplomatic Missions aabroad regarding visits abroad by the State President, Cabinet Ministers and other dignitaries in the government,
  • Prepares programmes for State visitors and arranges for their printing and distribution;
  • Selects gifts for State visitors in consultation with the State  House;
  • Plans and implements sitting arrangements for state and ceremonial functions;
  • Makes and coordinates appointments and other arrangements for State and Ceremonial functions;
  • Makes and coordinates appointments aand other arrangements for senior foreign guests and diplomats who want to call on senior Malawi Government officials;
  • Attends to correspondence concerning;-
  • Complaints against diplomatic missions by local people and vice versa;
  • Applications for driving licences and registration/sale of vehicles for diplomatic and international organizations;
  • Issuance of diplomatic identity cards;
  • Repatriation and other related consular matters;
  • Sends and receive congratulatory and condolence messages to and from foreign government.
  • Gazettes appointments of Head of Malawi diplomatic mission;
  • Liaises with the Immigration Department on notification of arrival and  departure of diplomatic personnel.
  • Compiles, updates and distributes a Diplomatic and Consular Directory;
  • Processes requests for tours in Malawi by members of the diplomatic corps;
  • Administers VIP lounges at the airports and processes applications and requests for the  use of VIP lounges as well as those transiting through the Special Corridor;
  • Processes over-flight and landing clearances of aircraft; and
  • Considers and advises on all protocol protocol policy matters falling within the our view of the ministry;



  • To provide protocol functions at State and Government Functions.
  • To administer the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other Optional Protocols and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other Optional Protocols; and
  • To advise Government on matters pertaining to protocol and etiquette.



  • Deploying of quality protocol personnel;
  • Providing civic education to enhance understanding of issues pertaining to functions of the Department;
  • Speedily resolving issues pertaining to the Vienna Convention; and
  • Holding post-mortem meetings to review activities pursues.

The protocol Department has the responsibility of handling State and Government functions and matters relating to such functions.  In this connection, it advises the Government at all levels on protocol matters in general.. it also administers the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other Optional Protocols and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other Optional Protocols.  In this regard, it coordinates all matters relating to the general administrative requirements of foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Malawi.

The Protocol Department is divided into two main divisions, one division deals with State Protocol (State hospitality and ceremonies) while the other deals with Government Protocol (Immunities and Privileges, accreditation and Consular Affairs).


State Protocol
This involves the administration of State and Government ceremonial functions.  Some of these ceremonial functions include the presentation of Letters of Commission/Credence by foreign envoys; escorting guests of Government to the Head of Sate; coverage of National functions, especially where the Head of State is in attendance.


Government Protocol
This involves the day to day administration and management of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the day to day administration and management of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.
In addition, it involves accreditation to Malawi of foreign envoys and the general administration of their welfare in Malawi.
For ease of administration, Government Protocol is further divided into two sub-division, Immunities and Privileges and Accreditation and Consular Affairs.
The Department is headed by a Chief Protocol (S2) under whom there is a Deputy Chief of Protocol (S4) and an Assistant Chief of Protocol (S5).  There is also a Principal Protocol Officer (P7) under whom there are nine Protocol Officers (PO).




Location and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
P.O. Box 30315
                Capital City,  Lilongwe 3


Tel: +265 1 789 088/789 115
Fax: +265 1 788 482/789 112

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