Ministry of Foreign Affairs :+265 (0) 1 789 088/323
Republic of Malawi : +265 (0) 1 788 482/516


Mr. Benard Sande, Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the link between the Government of the Republic of Malawi and the International Community. It is responsible for formulating, implementing and monitoring the Malawi Foreign Policy and the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy. The Foreign Policy is a codification of the guidelines, principles and norms that assist Malawi to relate with other states or bodies in the international, political and economic systems in order for the country to achieve its development goals and further its national interests. The Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy seeks to harness the potential of the Malawians living in foreign countries to maintain links with their home country with the ultimate aim of contributing to Malawi's socio-economic development. In performing its mandate, the Ministry works in close liaison with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies that are responsible for the implementation of various international commitment that Malawi has undertaken.  








o provide policy guidance and advice on all matters on the engagements between Malawi and the international community
To promote and protect Malawi’s interest and maintain good international relations through implementation of its foreign policy, in order to contribute to sustainable development and territorial integrity
A high quality diplomatic service that promotes and protects Malawi’s interests and image
Professionalism, Transparency, Accountability, Patriotism, Confidentiality, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovativeness, and Courtesy
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